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Monday, 3 October 2011

badmniton specific training

Badminton Specific Training
Your overall badminton training program should include elements that will focus on strengthening your wrist flex-ors and aerobic endurance.
These two things are very important for a player.
Many of the movements you make rely directly on the strength of your wrist flex-ors.
Swings are often initiated in the wrist, so a weak wrist can mean a weak game.
As for your aerobic endurance, you have to be able to handle moving back and forth across the court for long periods of time.

A rally can last for quite a while with very limited time to rest, so your body must be able to handle this intense aerobic activity.
Cardiovascular Training
Cardio exercises need to be a part of every training session.
Your badminton training program should include at least 45 minutes of intense cardio exercise each session.
You want to get your heart rate up and keep it up for an extended period of time.
Your body must be trained to do this and in order to be in top form while playing your cardiovascular conditioning is important.
Strength Training
The strength training portion of your badminton training program should include exercises that help build both your upper and lower body.
You want to be sure to include exercises that strengthen your wrist and forearms, which are often neglected in many strength programs.
Use weights in your strength training. Make sure that you are also stretching as part of your training.
You may want to try yoga or pilates where the focus is on building strength and creating long and lean muscles.
These are perfect ideas for a player since you want a long, lean body so you can keep up your speed on the court

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